What we’re about

I have heard mothers and doctors and everyone in between talk about Post Partum Depression but I’ve never heard anyone acknowledge the great progression that is available only to mothers after they have children.

Camilla Kimball said, “Anybody who thinks being a wife and mother is a dull occupation doesn’t take the daily challenges seriously. The family is the biggest field for learning there is.”   Not only is it considered dull these days but inconvenient and undervalued.

We are here on earth to learn and discover, to progress, but most importantly to have joy.  This blog is dedicated to proving that these things are easiest to find within the home.  The world is shouting at us constantly that the only way to be happy is to join with them, to leave the home, to have a life outside our families.  I am here to show that the only place to truly find yourself, and to find true and lasting happiness is within the walls of your own home.


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