Post Partum Abortion

Have you ever had an abortion?  Ever thought about it?  Most likely not, you wouldn’t even think about it right?  How could you kill another’s chance at life right?  Well, I submit that many mothers who would never even think about killing the growing baby inside them have no problem aborting, or abandoning them right after.  Of course they still provide a roof for them and food in the morning and evening, they schedule a child care provider and even check in with them to make sure school is okay and they have their homework done and transport them from here to there etc.

Have you seen the commercial where the mom drops her child at the center and robots care for her?  It’s not ideal she knows but it’s cheaper.  Tongue in cheek I know but how many parents would consent given the right circumstance?  Is it really that far off the mark?

Here is a day care where the children are busily engaged in their activity.  It looks fun right?  Every parent I’ve ever talked with on the subject says that their baby, toddler, or preschooler likes day care and it’s good for them to get the socialization.  They get so bored at home with mom so it’s good for them to get out and be with their friends. Besides, Mom was going to go crazy if they didn’t get out of the home.

This divine service of motherhood can be rendered only by mothers. It may not be passed to others. Nurses cannot do it; public nurseries cannot do it; hired help cannot do it-only mother, aided as much as may be by the loving hands of father, brothers, and sisters, can give the full needed measure of watchful care.

The mother who entrusts her child to the care of others, that she may do non-motherly work, whether for gold, for fame, or for civic service, should remember that “a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” (Prov. 29:15.) In our day the Lord has said that unless parents teach their children the doctrines of the Church “the sin be upon the heads of the parents.”  First Presidency Message 1942

If this is true, and it is, then how can we rationalize our responsibility away?  How can we say it is better for our children if they are in a child care facility?  How can we assert that someone else can do it better than we?  God sent that child to you for a purpose and you are the only one that can accomplish that purpose.  Of course he could send that child to another mother who would love and care for him and do a good job but not as well as you, you were chosen for the task.  Why abandon the one career that has come to you from on high?  Because it isn’t popular?  Because you have more important things to do?  Because they need you at work?  Because you get the praise and self worth there you can’t get at home?  Then you don’t know what Motherhood is.  You haven’t learned her value or her strength yet.  You are immature and not ready for motherhood.


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