Public School Verse Home School

After I tell people I home school the most usual response is, “Oh, I could never do that!”

Well, after reading Sister Julie B. Beck’s ideal parent of a child in a public school my response is, “Oh, I could never do that!”

Maybe I’m really the lazy one, if I had to public school the way she recommends I think my job would be just as intense as it currently is only then I wouldn’t be the primary teacher I would be the secondary teacher who had to submit to their authority over my child.

Here is her ideal parent of a child in public school…

“Sister Elaine S. Dalton says, “It’s not about hills; it’s about holiness,” because you are fighting against a determined enemy.  What standards do teenagers have in their schools with regard to dances, parties, get togethers?  Who’s going to be the influencer there?  Do you just say, ‘Well, have fun.  When will you be home?’  Or do you say, ‘What is happening, and who is responsible to see that my child and my neighbor’s child and my neighbor’s neighbor’s child are defended, that we are promoting clean and wholesome activities?’

“If your child is in a school, you’re responsible to help fortify and strengthen that school so that it becomes a place of resort for your child.  Who else will do it?

“My mother used to say, ‘There is no “they.”

“You know what we say, ‘Oh, “they” are doing it’ or ‘They will do it.’   Who’s doing it? Oh, “they” are. Who is “they”? Many times after I received this calling, my mother-in-law has said, ‘Don’t “they” know you need a break? Don’t “they” know you get tired?  don’t “they” know you have a family?’

Finally one day I said, ‘Mom, I am “they”.”‘

But you are “they.”  If you have a child in the school and you say, ‘They will fix it,’ who is “they”? There is no “they.”  There is only you.

If your children need to be taught, who will teach them?  Will “they” teach them”  The Primary teachers, the Young Women leaders, the Young Men?  Will “they” teach your children?

NoYou will teach your children.  And then their Primary teachers will help you teach them and fortify and strengthen what you’re doing.  They’ll be part of creating that place of resort.  But they aren’t the primary line of defense.

There is no “they.”


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