The Work of a Toddler

I use to watch my nieces play and wondered how they could possibly be content doing nothing of importance.  How could they be happy without a job and school and home work and all the tings that make people important?

Now I watch my own 2 year old  and delight when he approaches me with a cabela’s catalog and points to a red kayak and questions, “lellow?”

“Red” I respond with bright eyes and a hint of excitement in my voice. “Red.” Jasper repeats.

“Lellow?” He asks again this time pointing to a blue one. “Blue.” I respond with a smile. “Bue.” Jasper repeats.

Jasper continues through the lined up kayaks questioning, “lellow?” for each one.

We then turn the page and discover boat motors.  Jasper immediately puts his arm out in front of him and yanks it back towards himself, mimiking starting a motor, just like Dad does it on our boat.  We continue on and on through the book each page a new adventure, him showing what he knows and I teaching him new things.

I cherish these moments and feel that his work is my work and find much greater contentment in teaching and learning with him than I ever found in any out side worldly pursuit.  Why didn’t I see it before?


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