If I could choose my Mother

Two people come to mind immediately Carolyn Ingals and Michelle Duggar.

Carolyn is sweet and kind, always patient, sensible, gives sound logical advice, always has time for her husband and children, her family is her priority, she is definitely “practically perfect in every way”.  I know she is a movie character but if you can act if for years you can live it for years.  She is one of my role models for Motherhood.

On the other hand Michelle Duggar is a real mother who just happens to have movie cameras around every once in a while.  I suppose she acts the same whether the camera men are there or not.  I was once touting the idealogy of Michelle to a friend and my friends response was, “Ya, well she’s probably on drugs.” She was serious too.  But, I find that offensive.  I believe Michelle Duggar takes her career extremely seriously.  She believes she will be accountable some day to a higher power who will question her about her interactions with those whom she was to care for.  She also believes that you must build others up and that teaching and training up her children is her greatest work.  She is a power house!  Many would laugh at that.  She is soft spoken, known to laugh readily and is always calm and in control of her emotions.  How can she be powerful?  Well, as my friend said she does not believe it’s possible for a regular person to do all that, live with that big of a family and do it without medical help. Well, I believe she has help, help from above and help from the children she has already trained up right that are already prepared for motherhood even at their young ages.  Her 4 oldest daughters, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger are already better prepared to be mothers than most acting parents out there now.  They are a very peculiar family and that is exactly what they want to be.  There is a great deal to be learned from this family and I have enjoyed learning.  She is right, you must always speak kindly to your children.  They are our greatest treasures and jewels.  We must build them up and teach them to be like God, teach them who they really are so they will act accordingly.  She is a real mother out there who is not perfect but nearly so and I would herald any one who is willing to walk that path.  They are the women leading the new women’s movement!


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