Motherhood versus Accepting Government Assistance

I know mothers who are adamantly apposed to anyone helping them pay the bills as a single mother.  Who isn’t adamantly opposed to being on the government programs?  The programs are highly despised by society and those on them are societal trash, so who would choose to live like that?  I don’t know anyone. 

But, never the less there are a lot of people who need financial assistance and so I question, “Is it better to go on the programs and do what ever it takes to be the one there teaching and training your children, or is it more admirable to go to work and have someone else take responsibility for the child so that the mother can feel like she is doing her part by paying rent herself?  And purchasing groceries with her hard earned cash?”  The one thing only you can do right, and the other can easily be done by anyone. That in and of itself should make the answer obvious!

The mother on government assistance and all of society question, “Why should we fit the bill for her and her child?”  I wonder if we were more willing as a society to pay the bill while the child was young to keep him and Mother in the home, if he would not add much more to society as an adult than he otherwise would being raised by an institution (daycare)? Is that not worth the tiny bit of money we would give her?  A child grown to be a healthy, unabused, well adjusted, loved person who will give so much throughout their life because of being loved, because mother was there.  Is that so much to ask of society to produce one more good guy or girl into the world.

If everyone in America gave her 1 penny that would come to $3,000,000.  I think any mother could easily raise a child on that much!  Next time you think to scowl at someone on welfare realize that you have not even given that person one penny and ask yourself, “Is it worth the drama?”

With the current climate in our society I submit that it is much easier for a mother to go into the work force and leave her little one behind.  It may be difficult emotionally at first, that’s what they all say, but the baby only cries for a few minutes and then she’s fine, and besides she likes going to day care and it’s good for her socially and I need a life, etc.  Also, when someone asks you, “What do you do?”

“I’m a baker, or a secretary, or a teacher,” etc. goes over much better than, “I’m a Mother.”  It’s much easier to go to work granted!  Most mothers I know only choose to stay home with their children after they have 2 or 3 making it financially a more sensible choice.   Is there anything easier about being a Mother who stays at home?  Hum….I’ll have to think about that and get back to you.

No matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice, it’s worth it!  You may not be heralded in society, you may be mocked, you may be viewed as so much less than you could be by others but those others do not know.  They do not know the truth, what we are really here for and how to maximize our earthly experience; so that in the eternities we can lift up our heads and rejoice with the other queens who chose to be mothers.


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