The New Women’s Movement

The women’s movement of the 1960’s took backward women and moved them forward.  The problem is these women moved forward while facing backwards and this certainly isn’t progress.  This backwards movement is still going full steam ahead today.

Don’t get me wrong the women’s suffrage movement of the 1800’s  did some really great things such as giving women the franchise to vote and especially giving them the right to own their own property.  There were other forward motions made at this time that were necessary and good.

The recent women’s movement I’m sure has a good element or two but the good gains have come at a very high cost of femininity and women’s inherent characteristic to nurture.  In abandoning traditional woman’s roles such as homemaking and motherhood in exchange for Babylon and the corporate world this movement has moved us backwards towards barbarism, backwards into the middle ages of time when we didn’t know that the earth was in deed round and we revolved around the sun.  It’s as if women have forgotten who they are and what they are.

Babylon was successful in turning women around and then spurring them onward in a mad dash to obtain forward momentum and they plowed right through all the societal barriers to do it.  Women as a whole feel like they’ve really done something, gained a great deal of power, and they talk incessantly about it.

I must confess as a youth and then young wife and mother I was caught up in the movement, I was a apart of it.  I was an ignorant woman, standing backwards of the truth and trying to push my way forward.  Man was it a push too.  It went against my inherent nature.  It was an awkward place to stand, a prideful one and I felt like I was pushing against a brick wall much of the time.  But, fight I did at any cost, it was worth it, we were moving forward, this is progress right?  Me getting to do what I want when I want and then I’m not suppose to feel bad about it either right?  I’m equal to any man out there and I can prove it!

The New Women’s Movement is about turning woman around, getting them to face the right direction and proceed with the current momentum but in the right direction.  You know if we really care about being equal to and even better than men then why not prove it by being feminine and nurturing.  We can do that better than any man.  Really though, if you are ready to turn around and face the right direction you won’t care one wit about how you compare to men.  For you are not one and never were and are extremely grateful for that fact!  You are a women, a beautiful creation of God, possibly the most beautiful of all creations.  Why compete?  For something you don’t really want anyway?

For the first few years Jeremy and I were married he would often say, “If you want to go to work that’s fine and I’ll stay home with the children.”  That offended me so much.  Of course I’m going to stay home with the children, but I wanted to work too.  I wanted both.  But, we know you cannot serve both God and Mammon.  So I had to choose.  It was a hard lesson to learn but now I wonder why I ever wanted to fill the man’s role?  Why was I so lost to not know my role?  To not see the inherent beauty in God’s great plan of happiness?  Why did I not believe His plan for happiness?  So many questions.

I am now turned around facing the right way and I hope to stand with many more women as they turn and see the truth and continue to stay turned this direction even though the opposition is strongly against us. 

“What ere though art act well thy part.”

“This above all, to thine own self be true.”


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