Is it better to wait to have children?

The Bates Family

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago.  She moved in with her boyfriend right out of high school and then other than one incident didn’t try to have children for 10+ years.  They have a cute little girl now and they gush over her and love her and it is truly a delight to watch.  But, as our conversation progressed she questioned if I had Virginia when I was young…I was 23 and had my bachelors degree.  I didn’t think I was all that young.  She later went into a long speech about how it is so much better to wait and to live your life, travel, do the things you want to do before you have children.  Then having children is such a sweet experience and you are really ready for it.  I left the conversation feeling terrible.  I couldn’t imagine if I had not had Virginia, Asa, and Sherrad.  They are my life, my greatest work, the reason I’m here.  Of course if Jeremy and I would not have been able to have them we would have found other pursuits, we would have tried to magnify parenthood in the ways we felt God leading us to do so but since we were able to have children we have spent all our time building our home and family and working towards it being an eternal unit.

From President David O. Mckay April 14, 1969:

The Duggar Family

Elder Hartman Rector Junior BYU speech May 31, 1977:

“Any couple that has ever had children knows that they did not make that decision. The Lord decides when you are going to have children. You can only decide that you are not going to have them, and you cannot afford that. So have your family when you can, but not so fast that you destroy the health of the mother. The mother’s health is the only real criterion of judgement. It is not a convenience consideration; it is not an education; it is not an economic consideration. The health of the mother is the only consideration.

“It is vitally important that you raise a family unto the lord. Do not be taken in by all this misinformation about birth control–and make no mistake about it, it is affecting the Church.”

The Bates and Duggar families know and live this doctrine.  They seem to be leading the way again.


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