A Married Woman’s Place

“A married woman’s place is in the home, where she sustains and supports her husband; a woman’s place is in the Church, where she expounds scripture, writes wise documents, and learns much; a woman’s place is out rendering compassionate service to her fellow beings, in and out of the Church; a woman’s place is in preaching the gospel and doing missionary work; her calling is to do good and work righteousness in every place and under all circumstances.

“It is thus that we see the mothers in Israel and the daughters of Zion today. We see them weeping at Haun’s Mill; we see them standing beside burning houses in Missouri; we see them bowing before open graves at Winter Quarters. Our sisters are like those of old. They fight the family-destroying influence of unfortunate legislative proposals. They lobby in legislative halls and rally the forces of good around the ballot box. They importune the Lord for the preservation of their families and for his guiding hand over the destinies of nations.

“The brethren do not stand alone in building up the Lord’s latter-day kingdom. And when our faithful sisters depart this life, they will continue to labor with the downtrodden and spiritually depressed until the work of the great Jehovah shall reach its glorious consummation.”

Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Our Sisters from the Beginning, Ensign, January 1979


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