The Eternal Family in the Eternities

“Then the record says that “Adam and Eve blessed the name of God”—now note, not just the man, but the man and the woman—“and they”—the two of them—“made all things known unto their sons and their daughters. … And Adam and Eve, his wife, ceased not to call upon God.” (Moses 5:12, 16)

“Thus, in the beginning, the perfect pattern is set for perfecting the family. The man and the woman are together in worship; they are together in teaching their children; they are together in establishing the family unit that hopefully will endure in the eternities ahead, thus giving eternal life to all those who earn it…

“It is an eternal principle—the man and the woman are not alone: neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man in the Lord. Women are appointed, Rebekahlike, to be guides and lights in righteousness in the family unit, and to engineer and arrange so that things are done in the way that will result in the salvation of more of our Father’s children. God be praised for the infinitely wondrous and glorious system of family unity which he has provided—the system that enables a man and a woman to unite together, provide bodies for the children of our Eternal Father, bring them up in light and truth and righteousness, and prepare and qualify them to return to the Father’s presence and be inheritors of eternal life.”

Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Our Sisters from the Beginning, Ensign January 1979

Our Science lesson – Asa at the telescope

. . . by the end of the millennium, for those who will occupy the celestial kingdom, the home will be the only medium of teaching children. Teaching will be through the family.
Alvin R. Dyer
Counselor to 1st Presidency, 1969

Jasper is learning a lot

We are looking at the wing of a dead fly we found on our window sill


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