Lean Forward

Jeremy likes to tell a story about learning  how to snow board.  When he first started he would lean back while going down the hills.  It is a natural instinct to lean back, to be cautious.  One day he didn’t have a choice; if he was going to keep up with the people he’d gone snow boarding with, he was going to have to go faster.  He didn’t hesitate, he just leaned forward.  This actually gave him more control over the board, he had total confidence on the board, and he was able to go as fast as anyone and he began doing jumps.

I’ve been learning the Lean Forward lesson lately.  The more I let go, stop fearing, and trust in my abilities I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been able to do, to learn, and to accomplish.  My confidence has grown and I haven’t cared as much what other people think.

Stop worrying and especially fearing and Lean Forward!

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