The Plan of Salvation

Virginia drew the Pre-Earth life

For Family Home Evening a few months ago we decided to discuss the Plan of Salvation and had each of the children help color a page for each of the pertinent parts of it.  I just scanned in the pictures and will post them here.  This is the Pre-Earth life, our first estate, where we resided with or Father in Heaven and our spirit brother’s and sisters.  We worked and learned and progressed until our Father said that the best way for us to work and learn and progress more would be to receive bodies.  He knew the best place for us to do that was to come to an Earth where we would be organized into families, Eternal Families if we chose and we would learn to subdue our bodies, to control them and to make them work for us, to benefit mankind.  After the war in heaven not all of us earned the privilege of receiving a body and progressing but we know that everyone we meet here on earth did.

Asa drew and colored the earth

Father sent the Savior down to create the earth on which we live.  He did a marvelous job and I really like it here with the exception of a few of our brothers and sisters but they are helping me to learn humility and patience and other Christ like qualities so I’m grateful.  This time is part of our second estate where we receive bodies and get to choose, free from the influence of remembering our heavenly home to either be good and return to live with Father and Mother in heaven or to choose evil and be subject to satan.

My favorite explanation of our purpose here on earth is Hugh Nibley’s, “Work We Must, But the Lunch is Free.”

The Spirit World Jeremy and I drew this dividing it into Paradise and Prison

As soon as pass through the veil which is death we enter the Spirit World.  This is also part of our second estate.  A great read on this topic is found at    Titled “Teachings Concerning The Spirit World” this is a compilation of quotes from the prophets on the subject.  Neal A. Maxwell said, “We tend to overlook the reality that the spirit world and paradise are part, really, of the second estate. The
work of the Lord, so far as the second estate is
concerned, is completed before the Judgment and the

From reading the above document I have learned that the spirit world is as different from our current earth life as it will be from our final destination – potentially the celestial kingdom.

A the time of the final judgment (this will take place at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth or the millennium) we will be placed in our eternal home depending on our works here on earth.

Celestial Kingdom

The destination options are First the Celestial Kingdom, likened unto the sun, where we will either be Kings and Queens and go on to procreate creating new worlds and inhabititing them with our children or we could be a servant to one of these great families there.  We made the Celestial Kingdom the smallest kingdom because “Few there be that find it”  The least amount of people will inhabit it.  We also divided it into three sections because it is said in the scriptures that there are three degrees of glory within this one kingdom.

Terrestrial Kingdom

Second, the Terrestrial Kingdom which is likened unto to the moon. An explanation of those who will inhabit this kingdom is explained in Doctrine and Covenants 76: 71-79

Telestial Kingdom

Third, the Telestial Kingdom which is likened unto the stars. You can read about those who will inhabit this kingdom in Doctrine and Covenants 76: 81-89.

A great site that explains more about this is:

Any one of these three options is said to be more glorious than our currant earth life.  God’s glory is His intelligence.  We will be very happy where ever we end up and will be grateful to our merciful God.

Sherrad had fun scribling Outer darkness

Finally, there is a place prepared for those who will not have the gospel and must suffer for their own sins.


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