Making diapers for WAY cheap! My Journey

I have 4 children, 1 on the way.

We went shoe skating today.

With my three older ones now 11, 9 and 7, I bought all their diapers.  There was no way I was going to use cloth diapers!  Those were for people who lived long ago and didn’t have access to modern technologies and convinces.  Yuck! I was way above that.

Then when we got pregnant with our 4th child our life circumstances had changed.  I thought differently, I was really beginning to embrace Motherhood and our finances were different as well.  I was reading through a Back Woods Home magazine, before we got pregnant and there was an article on making your own diapers.  It struck me at the time, I felt impressed to read it, I even made a copy of the article.  Then when I got pregnant I was mentally and otherwise already prepared to think in terms of alternative ways of diapering our child.

At first I used the pattern provided in the Back Woods Home Magazine and with just my hands, (I didn’t have a sewing machine) a needle, thread, and armed with my knowledge from the article I began cutting up our old stained, out grown, or holy clothing.  We also had collected the clothes from Salvation Army that they were going to throw out. We were given these for free.  I figured it would be good fabric for various projects.  I originally made over 30 diapers all by hand.

Here are a few of the diapers I made by hand. Every time I look at them I remember the shirt or other item the diaper was made out of.

I never ended up using a single one of these diapers on our son.  We moved to our remote property and I bought diapers because we did laundry by hand and drying was a very difficult task.  We moved into town and had the use of modern conveniences and I wanted to save on our budget so I began to research making diapers.   I didn’t have access to the diapers I had previously made as they were still located at our remote property.  So I started from scratch.  (I’ve since brought them into town as you can see from the picture.)

Here are some of the diapers I made using a Luv's diaper as a pattern and some white cotten material I found at a thrift store.

At first I traced a Luvs diaper and used that as my pattern.  (Pictured to the left). Next, I found several patterns on line for free but my favorite was a tutorial on how to make your own pattern.  Her tip to make the crotch area only 5 inches is huge!  It makes a big difference in the fit of the diaper.  Here’s the link to draft your own diaper by the Dutch Girl Diary:

I began to research the type of materials to use.  I found a piece of white cotton cloth, the type you imagine cloths diapers being made out of. (pictured to the left). They were terrible!!!  They didn’t absorb, they always leaked.  I only used them while we were at home.  If we were going to go anywhere I always put a store bought one on him.  So, I began to save us a little money but I still wasn’t satisfied with my current performance.  I had a sewing machine now too so the process was much quicker.

The next round of diapers I used a new bath robe I had and cut it up.  I got 5 diaper pieces out of it.  Of course it depends on the size you are making how many you can cut out of a robe or towel.  Next I cut soakers out of the left over pieces of the robe.  Finally I used a fleece blanket (fleece is easy to come by for way cheap.  You can use fleece clothing or blankets I often find them at Salvation army for $1).  I can usually get 10 or more diapers out of a blanket.  Then I sewed the soaker to the robe.

I made the diapers only 2 layers thick.  They worked great!  I nearly never had a leakage problem!  I was store bought diaper free.

I’m going to end my little story here and start a new post with a step by step how to so that anyone who wants to can make way cheap diapers.

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