The Noah Proof and LDS blogs that are part of the New Women’s Movement

My husband has a theory he calls “The Noah Proof”.  Here is a description of it in his words:

I asked my wife one day, “Do you think that the Lord was telling everyone to build a boat, or just Noah? Was it just Noah that listened?” I cannot recall where the thought originated, perhaps out of contemplating justice and mercy.

I pondered and contemplated the ramifications of what I had said many times thereafter until finding the proof in an obscure happenstance source. “The Amateur Photographer’s Handbook” by Aaron Sussman. I obtained the book from the “free” pile at the library. I began reading it’s “Science becomes an Art,” perhaps as a diversion, and there it was!

Daguerre was working with iodized silver plates and discovered that contrast could be improved by blackening the bare parts of the plates with iodine vapor in a box. One day while exposing a plate on a sunny day clouds blew in and he went away frustrated. As he started out the next morning he noticed that yesterday’s underexposed plate looked like yesterdays scene! To quote the book, “What a moment for Daguerre! But he still had to discover what had happened.”

So by attempting to adjust contrast (was this his idea or inspired?) he solved his problem.

We know that all knowledge is inspiration of the Spirit, and hence we know that he was inspired. In his imperfect understanding he misapplied the solution until by inspired accident he found it!

Next to quote the book again, “But few great discoveries are ever left by nature to the efforts of just one man. Many people, working in different parts of the world, and independantly of one another, suddenly attack a problem when the need for its solution arises.” It goes on to relate that Elisha Grey and Alexander Bell both independantly invented the telephone, Selden and Benz both independantly invented the motorcar engine, Edison and Swan both independantly invented the electric lamp. So while Daguerre was being honored by the French Academy, William Henry Fox Talbot perfected using silver chloride paper to print pictures, thus the first negative (whereas Daguerres was a positive image.)

Talbot’s discovery was likewise a result of accident. Turns out his cat knocked over some nutgall extract (from which modern day pyro is extracted) on some half-exposed papers, the rest was easy! “Have you noticed, by the way, how nature has a habit of jogging a man’s elbow if he doesn’t get on with his work?” another good quote from the book!

Fascinating isn’t it! The book then adds that the processes were rivaled by a discovery in Indiana! Mr. James M. Wattles withheld announcement for “want of encouragement and fear of ridicule.”

I wonder if we could look at economic reports for Noah’s time, would boat building have peaked right before the flood as people followed some vague prompting that they didn’t fully understand? Clearly he was mocked for his foolishness, but did others hear, does the Lord allow us all the chance? Would that not be mercy?

Was Joseph Smith searching for truth, in part a product of the “religeous excitement” or was the religeous excitement the product of the Spirit prompting everyone relative to the gospel being restored?

Was the theory of Relativety raining from the heavens? Was Albert Einstein the only one prepared to receive it?

We often ask on this site, “Why has the Lord awakened us and gathered us here?” Is this awakening not also the product of that same inspiration distilling in much the same manner?

On another thread here we realized that at least three of us were independantly studying one obscure moment of history relative to the Constitution at the same time. Should we not wonder why or shall we wait for our cats to show us?

Yes! The Lord is continually raining down truth and advancement on man. Just as fast as we can prepare ourselves to receive it we will advance. This is direct evidence of the blessings of heaven pouring out and us not having (or making) room to receive it!

I post his idea because lately I’ve been feeling a part of a movement – a women’s movement within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, only I felt like I was the only one who was a part of it other than women like Sherri Dew who are out there publicly talking about the need for it.

Just recently, thanks to Megan (a friend in Utah), my eyes have been opened to this movement.  Obviously there are many of us hearing the whisperings of the spirit and heading.  So I’m going to compile a list of every blog I can find out there who are a part of this movement, this New Women’s Movement as I like to refer to it.  I’ll keep a running tab on my blogroll.

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