Post Partum Depression – some theories

I created this blog to be the opposite of PPD because I think that Motherhood is beautiful and should be celebrated not agonized over.

As I’ve thought about PPD lately I’ve come up with some theories as to why it is so prevalent today.

First, women are not taught how to be mothers anymore.  We are taught to be independent, world beaters, career women, to be focused on everything outside the home.  So, when baby arrives we are not equipped to be “stuck” at home with something that now demands our time and attention.  We are independent, taking commands from no one, so why should we listen to this little screaming thing and do what he/she wants?  The first time we read through the “The Little House on the Prairie” novels (about 5 years ago (we read then to our children)) I was so shocked by the fact that Ma never left the home, she never went to town with Charles.  I wondered how could she possibly do that and be happy? And yet it was obvious that she was a stable, contented women.

Second, we are inundated with shouts from the world that children are a burden.  Have you seen the birth control adds on TV?  They show child after child doing something that messes up Mom’s day.  Who want’s that?  Not only does the TV tell us with every commercial and new program, but our neighbors and friends all use birth control and talk about how difficult it is to be a mother and cry on each others shoulders about needing “Me” time.  We also see women and couples who don’t have children and they are so much freer and happier.

So, here is my solution to the epidemic.

We all have struggles with hormones and feeling overwhelmed I understand that, but if we let those feelings and thoughts continue to permeate our hearts and minds of course we will become terribly depressed.  But, why not instead force our minds to ponder on ways to make our homes and family’s lives better.  It may be difficult at first but the more you practice the easier it becomes!  I promise.  And then pretty soon your mind is filled with fun projects to do with your children and romantic surprises for your husband and you find yourself enjoying being at home and fulfilling your new career with joy and contentment.


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  1. Jennifer Lee
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 21:38:59

    Hi Jewelboxcreek,
    On a similar note,, Publish-partum Depression is a blend of bodily, emotional, and behavioral alterations that take place in a woman soon after providing birth or miscarriage. This type of depression occurs about four weeks after delivery. The “toddler blues” takes place the initially few weeks subsequent to childbirth. Infant blues often goes absent in a couple of week, but article-partum depression can last for months.


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