Feeling Sorry or Feeling Empowered?

The other day while I was trying to figure out what to wear, for a brief moment I felt sorry for myself.  I’m 6 months pregnant and not much of what I have fits me anymore.  As quickly as I had the feeling I immediately remembered a blog I had looked at the previous day.


Pink Picket Fence's Thrift Store Skirt for $1

Pink Picket Fence's Finished Pregnancy Skirt

In this post she refashions a thrift store skirt she purchased for $1 into a pregnancy skirt.  I immediately thought of how I could refashion some of my clothes, or go shopping at the local thrift store and make me some new clothes.  I suddenly felt so empowered!

The more I learn to be self-sufficient the more empowered I feel and the feelings of “poor me” are gone.  Maybe that is one of the biggest reason’s we need to learn to make everything ourselves, it gives us such strength.

I love when I see our children learning new skills and being more capable themselves of providing their own entertainment, keeping their own things clean, making their rooms beautiful, learning new skills, etc.  It brings them great satisfaction and when they are bored, they are quickly able to come up with something to do that is productive and yet fun.

Of course our Father in Heaven want’s the same things for us.  He wasn’t us to learn everything.  It’s just to bad that so often we are forced to do these things and then when we are forced we feel sorry for ourselves.  We need to change our thinking and be grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills, talents, and gain knowledge for only then can we become like our Heavenly parents.


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