Nothing Grows Arms – A Children’s Story

“Oh I hate these pants!” Ginger yelled while throwing down her pants and stomping on them. “They will not let me put them on me!”

“Are you sure your pants are the problem?” Mom asked.

“Oh, I hate these pants.” Ginger repeated herself giving her pants one last kick sending them half way across the room.

“I would not do that if I were you.” Mom stated with one eye brow slightly raised in an all knowing way.

“Why?” Ginger snarled.

“They might grow arms.”

“Nothing grows arms.” Ginger growled while stomping away and slamming the door behind her.

“I would not be so sure.” Mom called after her.

That night Ginger slept most uncomfortably. She dreamed of magic pants that grew arms and would not allow her to wear them anymore.

When Ginger awakened in the morning she rolled over and sighed a sigh of relief that her nightmare was over.  Then she took a deep breath and smelled fresh eggs and pancakes.

“Not again!” Ginger moaned.  “We ate pancakes yesterday and the day before and the day before. Can Mom think of nothing else to eat?” Ginger rolled over, covered her head with her pillow and gave it a good whack. She received a fluffy smack in return.

“Hey!” Ginger yelled while throwing her pillow off her head.  The pillow sprung to life and began giving Ginger the business.

“All these years I’ve taken your abuse, but not today little missy.” The pillow fluffed.

Ginger sprang from her bed and ran for the door.  She yanked the door open and ran threw receiving a swift kick from the door on her way out.

“Mom, Mom help!” Ginger screamed as she ran down the hall into the kitchen.  “Mom, my pillow and door are alive.”

“What are you talking about dear?” Mom asked ever so sweetly.

“My pillow grew arms!”

“Nothing grows arms.” Mom calmly responded.

“It does too!”

“Ginger stop arguing with me and go get dressed.”

Ginger turned and walked back to her room where she stood outside her door peering in.  What if my pillow attacks me again She wondered.  Everything looked normal inside her room.  Even her pillow was laying on her bed where she would normally have left it in the morning. Maybe I was still dreaming this morning Ginger though.  She slowly walking back into her room and over to her dresser where she pulled out her favorite genes.  She put the pants to the floor and placed both feet inside the holes and began pulling upward.

“I hate these pants!” Ginger angrily stated as she lifted one foot into the air and was about to stomp on the pants. Immediately her pants grew arms and wrapped themselves around Gingers legs.  Ginger let out a shriek and tried running for the door but fell to the floor instead.

“Mom! Mom!” Ginger screamed in desperation.

“Learned your lesson yet?” Her pants cuffed.

“What are you talking about?” Ginger huffed as she took a breath and prepared to yell for help again.

“Every day you get mad at me when you can not put me on but it is your lack of patience that is the problem.”

“You will not let me put you on that is the problem!” Ginger frankly stated. “Now, let me go!”

“No, not until you have learned your lesson!“ Her pants replied. “Besides if you would try putting one leg in at a time that might help.”

“Mom! Mom where are you?” Ginger called again.

“She will not help you.”

“Why not?”

“She too had to learn her lesson when she was about your age.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Mother was impatient just like you are when she was a little girl and we had to help her understand the value of patience too.  We can stay like this forever you know.” Her pants informed her.

“Well, I can not!” Exclaimed Ginger.

“Then you had better start making things right”

Ginger exhaled loudly and then lay in silence for a few moments before she calmly replied, “Pants I am sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” They questioned.

“I am sorry for being so impatient and for kicking you in anger.”

Immediately her pants loosened and Ginger pulled free.  This time Ginger patiently sat on her bed and calmly put her pants on one foot at a time. To test Ginger her pants twisted themselves.

Ginger laughed and said, “You can not trick me.” She calmly untwisted the pants and completed dressing herself.

“Tada! I am all ready Mom.” Ginger bounded into the kitchen with both arms out on display.

“You look wonderful today dear.” Mom smiled.

“You will never believe it.” Ginger said.

“Believe what?” Mom questioned.

“Things do grow arms.” Ginger looked down at her pants and winked.

Mom just smiled her all knowing smile and served hot pancakes.


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