Having a Baby Midwife verses Doctor

Having a baby is an interesting experience no matter the circumstances you find your self in.  The choices of how to have a baby are as numerous as who to deliver the baby.   In one of my Child Development classes at a local college our teacher brought in a Direct Entry Midwife (CDM) who delivers babies at home to talk to us.  Then we debated the pros and cons of a home birth versus a hospital birth.

Kaye Kanne, CDM told me that currently there are only four states where Midwives can deliver babies at home and insurance will help cover the cost.  So, for many women a home birth or a birth center birth is not even an option because of the lack of support from the state.   I know from personal experience that in these states there are often times Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) who do deliver in local hospitals under a local OB doctor.   I never wanted a home birth but I also never wanted the traditional hospital experience.  I was deathly afraid of routine epitomizes, epidurals, pictosin, a doctor who is indifferent and just rushes you into an emergency C-Section, nurses practically sitting on your abdomen while pushing down trying to help you get the baby out.   I’ve heard many horror stories from women who had bad birth experiences at the hospital and often times because of malpractice on the doctors part.

The Jade Birthing Room at the Juneau Family and Birth Center

Of all the stories I’ve heard about home/birth center births I’ve never once heard of a negative one.  I don’t doubt they are out there, but I don’t know of one personally.  Kaye also told me that she was approached by the hospital staff and questioned about their practices at the birth center.  The birth center’s rates of incidences or births gone wrong were nearly none existent and so the hospital staff was sure her numbers were manipulated.  Of course the truth of the matter is that she actually insists on good nutrition and healthy practices all during pregnancy.  They believe in herbs, exercise, and other natural means to help induce labor.  As labor sets in they allow the women’s body to do its job and lend a helping hand as is needful and necessary.  They are there to coach, to assist, to encourage, to watch for any warning signs.  They allow for a natural, beautiful experience to occur, one in which the entire family is and can be apart of.

For the record: I’ve had three hospital births each one in a difference hospital (we moved a lot) all with CNM’s.  Each experience was okay but sterile and some of the nurses were less than desirable.  I am confident that the experience was much better than had I chosen to deliver with a doctor present but still far below a birth center experience with caring midwives present!

I’ve had one Birth Center birth with a CDM present.  I am currently 3 days over due to have our 2nd birth center birth with the same Midwife (Kaye Kanne, CDM of The Juneau Family Health and Birth Center). That experience far surpassed the hospital birth!  We were able to personalize the experience in ways that would have never been allowed in a hospital setting.  I was in very competent hands and very comfortable setting as is obvious from the picture.

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