Sleep over every night

When we had our first baby almost 12 years ago I tried to get her to sleep in her crib.

Jasper, Katza, and Ephraim

Sleep over every night!

I had success occasionally but for the most part we ended up with her in bed with us.  As she grew older, everyone warned us that we had better stop or she’d be in bed with us forever.  We shrugged our shoulders.  Well, it’s been forever – and yes, she is still sleeping with us.

Seven years ago when we had our 3rd babe we were living in Hyrum and Gail Smith’s Gate house.  The master bed room is

The Gate House at Eagle Mountain Ranch in Gunlock, Utah

a very long room and so we had plenty of room to put 2 beds in there.  Just right for all of us to sleep.  We’ve always thought it would be fun to fill an entire room wall to wall with beds isn’t that what a “bed” room is for?

The kids have their own rooms with beds and occasionally they will sleep in them but for the most part they would rather just all sleep together even if it means sleeping on the floor.


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