What to do when the social contract is hypocritical?

As women we have to look fat in the chest and the lips, full in the butt and yet paradoxically have a skinny waist line, long thin legs, sculpted chin and thin nose, and a flat stomach.

Liberals tend to be environmentalist or vegan, against exploiting animals for their milk or eggs let alone killing anything living.  And yet they are the group by far most likely to get an abortion.  Ironically these are also the first told hold up the women’s liberation banner.  As a woman I find fulfillment in my natural calling as a mother and yet a large segment of our society would take everything feminine away from me in order to liberate me?

The greatest most intensive fulfilling work I can possibly do is within the walls of my own home and yet I live in a society that pays for child care to get me outside of the home to find fulfillment?  It’s okay if I want to raise other people’s children for money but raising my own children is only tolerated if I have sufficient economic standing for them to over look the indiscretion.

When I conserve I’m pulling the economy down when I spend I’m reckless.  If I stock up on food I’m a hoarder if I don’t I’m an unprepared sheep ripe for the slaughter.  I must be educated to their standard but I must apply that education nor logic to religion or foreign policy or natural resources policies, etc.

They call our children brain dead but when we think for ourselves we get smacked down.  They want my children and I to get away from the TV and be active and then they close off half of the recreation areas and apply huge fees to the rest of them.  They want me to utilize the opportunities and talents around me and yet they lock up every resource that I might use to further myself.  They teach my boys to respect authority and then teach them that authority cannot be trusted.  They train them up in the arts of war and then strip them of their rights in the event that they sign up.

I recall the line from “Stand by Me” when Teddy asked Vern, “Did your parents ever have any children that lived?”

It would seem that society would like it just that way.


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