You pick your own Heaven

My husband is always talking about how you pick your own heaven.  Our time, that’s our true talent.

“Time is money.  It is the eternal currency with which we purchase our eternal destinations.” JLP

We watched a program the other night on the History channel.  It’s a new series called “United Stats of America”.  The whole episode was comparing how we use our time now, verses the people who lived in the nineteenth century.  We have a great deal more time than they had because of all the modern conveniences, and yet we seem to feel and act like we have much, much less of it.  We get less sleep and take more vacations (they were lucky to ever take a vacation). Truth is everyone is allotted the same amount of time in a day, 24 hours in case you lost your users manual.

As a child my mother would often come into my room and if I was doing school work then she would leave me alone but if I was doing a puzzle or something that she didn’t value she would immediately insist that I go clean the bathroom or do some other chore so that I was spending my time in a way that she valued.

I thought that was unique to her but I have come to realize that most all of society is that way.

Why is it okay to “play hard” on the weekend if you “worked hard” all week long?

Why can I not value what I do each day, because I’m just at home?

Across the street from where we live is a business complex and I often watch the women who work there come and go from their daily employment.  I often summize that they must feel very valued and important in our world for the paper pushing that they do all day long.   What of their children in child care?  Why could they not feel of worth and value if they were teaching and tending to them and their home all day?  Why does it take leaving the home?  Why does it take dropping your child off?  Why does it take a copy machine and other people to tell you how good or bad of a job you’re doing?

I have often heard these same women say that their children drive them nuts!  That they would go crazy if they stayed at home with them all day long. Maybe in their heaven there will be rooms that are just for copy machines and colored paper?  Maybe in their heaven people sit around all day long waiting to be waited on or to wait on you?  Maybe there is a desk waiting there just for them and for their convenience?   Ahh, how heavenly.

It all ties back into the work ethic.  What is work?  Must it be tied to money to be work?  Certainly in sports if I don’t get paid I’m an amateur no mater how good I am.  Once I get paid I’m a professional.  Same thing with any hobby.  Do the same work for the same amount of time and it just doesn’t count unless there is money tied to it.  Can values really be monetized, turned into the strange currency of our day.

What if I, like the Spanish Fisherman, choose to live in such a manner as to create my own heaven now?  What if I like my home and my husband and my children and my neighborhood?  What if I find fulfillment in the activities of my day?  Must heaven be foregone until we die?  Is man to know no happiness aside from fleeting rewards for meritorious masochism?

I’m sorry but I just cannot accept that.  I will have my cake and eat it too!  Or what good is it?  If my life does not make me happy, I change it.  What’s to stop me?  A silly reckless economy?

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