A way simple skirt!

My mom sent me a piece of material that was 40″x40″.  I wanted to make a skirt out of it and I also wanted to make something super fast.

First, in a rather lazy manner, I stitched the piece together into a tub and added an elastic waist band to the top. Here’s the best tutorial on how to insert elastic and stitch the skirt together:


Put elastic into one side of the material and stitch it together.

Next, I cut off 10″ because it was just too long. Now it’s the perfect length.

too long

Cut off the extra 10″ of material from the bottom of the skirt

Next I decided to add in 6 godets to the bottom so that it would have some flare, some styling.

godet gone awry

To add them in I just decided how far up I wanted them to be.  In this case 7″.  So I made six vertical cuts 7″ high around the base of the skirt. Then I made the godets from the material I cut off the bottom.   I measured how wide I wanted them to be.  5″ seems nice.  Then I cut triangular shapes that were 5″ across the bottom and 7.25″ tall and stitched them on.

Ah, sweet success

This was my first experience with godets and needed advice.  Here are a couple of good helps that helped me:



This was the tricky part.  I had to re-stitch the first one I did because it was so poorly done.  I figured out how to make the stitches meet up together at the top so that the godet lays correctly and looks nice.

Then I hemmed up the bottom and finished.

I think it turned out okay but in the future I would make it a fitted waist line for sure and possibly have the godets go up higher than 7″.


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