Setting the record straight on Attractiveness and Words

A flower is pretty. It is not attractive, except to pickers and bees. Attract means to be drawn to, like magnetism or gravity. Sexy means: of, or relating to sex. These descriptive words are not words Christians should be using in regards to each other, outside of a marital covenant.

Society has all but killed the proper usage and understanding of our language, but with these words it’s important to get it right because it’s illustrative of what our relationships should be. We should not be attracted one to another outside of marriage. We should not associate sex with each other or styles of appearance or pouty looks or behavior. Suggestive poses shouldn’t suggest anything to us because we shouldn’t allow the association. It’s beneath our dignity and hence if we consent to it, we will become less. The third graders are taking over our society and we cannot afford to let them have it.

If someone proposed to change the meaning of your name to “smells like an old can of tuna,” would you consent to the usage? Would you perpetuate the usage? Or would you try to stop it dead in its tracks? Even if everyone else adopted it you would not allow the association to pollute your thoughts, feelings, speech etc…

In our relationship we acknowledge beauty all the time in everything and most everyone we see. We never tire of it any more than relishing any other of the good things in life. Of course gluttony is sinful. Too much of any one thing leads to the exclusion of others and that makes second rate people. But the one thing we do not do, is mentally, vocally, physically, nor socially try and attract or allow ourselves to be attracted to or by others. We simply do not accept their assertions. No matter how much they have perfected the social art of making people like you, we stand there pleasantly smug holding the line treating the social butterfly the same as the wallflower (who we find far less taxing). We are eager to help and friendly with all, but our lines are our lines and they are inviolable as is our right.

Of course this discussion leads to a whole massive treatise on viewing life and overcoming the world through truth. But I’ll leave you with just the briefest summation of the fact that we cannot allow our enemies to steal words, phrases, forge erroneous conclusions, condition unwarranted responses, and so on. We need to be able to walk into the depths of hell and come out the other side clean again. That is our goal because we believe in eternal progression. We believe in eternal learning and growth. We believe that a child is not “done” until he has progressed to the level of his father. And we have observed that fathers keep right on growing and don’t stop progressing long enough to be caught (if they are worth their salt). They become grandfathers and great grandfathers and their knowledge and wisdom and office, grows and changes as they progress. And so it is with our Father in Heaven.

We have found that life stinks when you stop progressing and that no matter how old someone is that holds true. There never comes a time when we are “full grown” and know it all and have all wisdom. And God did not send us here to be children forever. That would have been much easier accomplished by other means than the character of this life. He sent us here because He could not force us to choose His ways. Of course neither can the adversary.  We have the ultimate power of choice. That is why the mind war for truth in the social and personal contracts we make, accept, or even just unknowingly perpetuate are so vital to who we are becoming.

So I challenge you to stop misusing words and to say exactly what you mean in a logical well thought out way. I promise you that if you do, you will soon be regarded as more articulate and wise by all who know you. Your power as an individual will double, your ability to understand and thus resist temptation will grow exponentially, and you will “find yourself” in ways you never have as you acknowledge your motivations and set your agenda accordingly. All this will correspond with a marital growth which will close the gap between two becoming one. We have certainly found this to be true.


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