T-shirt into pillow

Ephraim on T-shirt pillow.

I saw this tutorial and had to try it myself.

Here’s the t-shirt.  My neighbor gave us a big bag full of clothes.  Nothing I’m interested in wearing but some decent sewing potential.

I cut off the bottom portion for the pillow.  Then cut the rest into 2″ strips.

One way to make ruffles.  Hand stitch a row of stitches with no back stitches so the string can easily be pulled to gather stitches into a ruffle.

Pull string and make the material gather. It’s just fun… try it…. go ahead… yeah.. fun hu!

Make the 2″ strips into ruffles.

Think of the shirt as your blank canvas. Be creative, have fun with it.

Lay them out on the pillow the way you want.

Sewing on ruffles.

Stitch to pillow.

Pin right sides together and sew it being sure to leave a hole for stuffing.

Stitch pillow,  right sides together.  Be sure to Leave a whole to turn the material right side out.

Stuffing the pillow should be the easiest part right?  Well, it would if I would have just purchased some stuffing but instead I decided to use some sheep’s wool we had purchased a few years ago ($1 for 1 large bag full (enough for 2 pillows)).  Who knew all the work that went into washing and carding wool.

First I hand washed the wool. 4 washings did the job.

The wool after washing is done and is now drying. We put it between 2 towels and soaked up all we could first.

Sherrad pulling the wool.

All fluffed up. Yay! It took a long time.

Stitch hole together and you’re done.  My mother-in-law taught me how to neatly close up a hole many many moons ago.  Here’s the technique.

Not the best pictures, but after securing your thread (I rarely tie knots. I use a back stitch to secure the thread) stitch on one side of the closure then…

the other, then…

back to the first side. Continue back and forth until you’re all closed up.



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