That’s sexy? Are you sure?

“Anybody else sick of this word’s current popular usage? Maybe I didn’t understand the birds and the bees, and maybe I need to watch those documentaries about people that fall “in love” with buildings etc… but to my understanding a car is not sexy, a gun is not sexy, a brand new consumer appliance is not sexy, a beautiful girl is not sexy, reproduction and copulation are sexy like grease and greasy joints are greasy, dirt is dirty, snot is snotty, snow is snowy, air is airy and so on…

“Beauty and sex are not inextricably linked or we wouldn’t/couldn’t have so many ways of achieving sexual release apart from them. A sunset is beautiful but not sexy. Form is beautiful but not sexy.

“Sex is a covenant, a promise, a coming together to become one and more than that it is I firmly believe a contract! Those who come together only to part are covenant/contract breakers. It is fraud to sign a contract that you don’t intend to keep. I am afraid most sex these days is fraudulent. Still, those who remain together are married/one/united/bound. When the glue holds the bond remains, but how can you say that two parts have been welded/bonded/married when the bond is fractured/temporary/tenuous?

“For the record having kids is sexy, marriage is sexy (and so much more), and yes, in fact copulation is sexy.

“The world doesn’t need any more sexualization of objects and things not sexy, our collective bedroom is far too crowded as it is!”  JLP


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