“50 Nobel Laureates and other great scientist who believe in God”

This book is a free down load.  I posted 3 quotes from Albert Einstein here but there are many more and well worth the time.

13.  Concerning the fanatical atheists Einstein pointed out:

     “Then there are the fanatical atheists whose intolerance is of the same kind as the intolerance of the religious fanatics and comes from the same source. They are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who – in their grudge against the traditional ‘opium for the people’ – cannot bear the music of the spheres. The Wonder of nature does not become smaller because one cannot measure it by the standards of human moral and human aims.” (Einstein, as cited in Max Jammer, Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology, Princeton University Press, 2002, 97).

14.  “True religion is real living – living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness” (Einstein, as cited in Garbedian 1939, 267).

17.  Einstein’s attitude towards Jesus Christ was expressed in an interview, which the great scientist gave to the American magazine The Saturday Evening Post (26 October 1929):

“- To what extent are you influenced by Christianity?

– As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.

Have you read Emil Ludwig’s book on Jesus?

– Emil Ludwig’s Jesus is shallow. Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. No man can dispose of Christianity with a bon mot.

You accept the historical Jesus?

– Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.” (Einstein, as cited in Viereck 1929; see also Einstein, as cited in the German magazine Geisteskampf der Gegenwart, Guetersloh, 1930, S. 235).


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  1. godmadeknown
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 18:26:22

    Sounds like a great read! Have you read “God and the Astronomers” by Robert Jastrow? Similar stuff but focused on one area of the sciences. There’s a short review on my blog if you’re interested.


  2. jewelboxcreek
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 16:38:25

    I read your review of “God and the Astronomers”. I love this quote from your blog:

    “There is a kind of religion in science,” Jastrow observes, and “this religious faith of the scientist is violated by the discovery that the world had a beginning under conditions in which the known laws of physics are not valid, and as a product of forces or circumstances we cannot discover. When that happens, the scientist has lost control.”

    Jastrow continues, “If he really examined the implications, he would be traumatized. As usual when faced with trauma, the mind reacts by ignoring the implications –in science this is known as ‘refusing to speculate’–or trivializing the origin of the world by calling it the Big Bang, as if the Universe were a firecracker.”


  3. godmadeknown
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 18:24:28

    Thanks for reading my review! You’ll have to pick up the book some time. It’s actually a really fast read. I’m in the middle of another one now but plan on picking up the “50 Nobel Laureates” next. Thanks for the great suggestion.


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