Family Strength

“So, I firmly believe that God sent us all down here together (I can pretty well prove that part) and that he sent all the kit to go along with living here unequally (again that’s pretty easy to prove). James Fenimore Cooper often spoke of “gifts” through Hawkeye. He pointed out that everybody has different gifts and he has to be true to the gifts he has.

“The Earth was well stocked for our expedition and “there is enough and more,” for as many population as we can muster if we will but share and work at it. But some lock up resources, others monopolize the fruits of others labor etc… and we have inequality.

“But there is strength in the family only as a whole, when valuable parts aren’t leveraged against the whole. So likewise in our individual families and organizations. Everything needful is there if used cooperatively and not competitively (competition is really just extortion. It’s an attempt to force another to align ones efforts with the other competitor or his will be in opposition and lost to the other).

“How smart do you have to be to stop hurting members of your own team? You need them, they need you and you can achieve infinitely more together than apart (if anything then).”  JLP


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