Homemade Costumes

Our children haven’t gone trick-or-teating in 3 years.  This year we told them they could but they’d have to come up with the costumes.  Well, we’ve been watching the Greatest American Hero series from the 80 with our kids lately.  We’ve had 2 pairs of tights laying around for awhile so I asked my husband if he could think of a use for them yesterday.  He asked if either of the boys wanted them (they are to small for our daughter) We could see that this wasn’t going to go over very well so he mentioned the greatest American hero and how he wears red tights.  That is where it all began.

The next thing I knew Asa was helping Sherrad find a red shirt and a cape and then I was enlisted.  We needed the decal on the front of Sherrad’s shirt.

Then Asa decided to be Super-man.   The other pair of tights just happened to be dark blue and I found a blue shirt in my closet.  He got some red socks from Virginia and then we just needed some red underwear.  I had a bright red pair of pants my mom gave me a month ago so we got to snipping.  It took a few adjustments but in the end his red underwear didn’t turn out to bad.  To complete them he took a yellow marker to the white elastic.

For their decals we used the wonder-under stuff, (the iron on transfer paper) and used scrap material like stained baby clothes, etc.  For Sherrad’s we cut out the white portion from baby clothes and ironed it on.  The red was already red from his shirt.  The black circle I drew on with a marker.  For Super-man I cut out a yellow and red shape (I should have made sure they were the same before ironing them on).  The yellow is a bit bigger, but I ironed it on and then took a cutter to the red material to cut out the shapes that needed to be yellow.  Then iron it on and the yellow shows through the holes.

In the end it all worked out pretty well.  The red cape is a pillow case and the black one a wrap around skirt.

For Jasper we used a 9-12 mo baby costume and cut a hole in the bottom of it for his feet.  Other than that no adjustments were necessary.

Virginia is a sleeper agent.  If anyone asks her what she is she is going to say, “Sh! You know to much!”


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  1. terrikenworthy
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 08:11:28

    Fun costumes! Great job!


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