Halloween or reformation – our story

Yesterday was Halloween.  Many Christians choose to celebrate the reformation that was officially recognized as starting October 31, 1517.  I learned about the reformation this year and Googled ideas on how to celebrate.  We’ve shied away from Halloween the last few years because of its origins and because of the dark feeling it evokes ie. blood, guts, yucky masks, grave yards, spiders, etc.

Our children have wanted to go trick-or-treating so badly and so we okayed it this year.  They had a lot of fun brain storming ideas of what to be.  We joked a lot and had lots of laughs.  I posted previously on their final decisions.  We had a good time making their costumes and all day long Asa acted the part.  He took the rugs out to shake them and locked himself out.  I just happened to be walking past the door at the moment and let him in.  In a total dead pan voice and facial expression he said, “Thanks, I could have opened it myself but I always end up breaking the door.”  While I was sewing his red super pants I had Ephraim on the floor and he started to fuss so Asa rushed in and told him that no one cries when Super-man is here and he started to entertain Ephraim.   He did things like this all day long.

He flew around helping and saying the funniest things.  Jeremy laughingly said, “If I’d know this would be the effect I’d have done this years ago.”  Sherrad was also very helpful and they had a good time playing together.

When it was time to go out I was planning on staying home with Jeremy and the baby to hand out candy but I couldn’t.  I saw little Jasper in his costume and had to be with them.  I rushed out.  I told them the direction to go in and that I’d join them as soon as I had Ephraim bundled.

We walked up our street together, it was quiet only one little princess with her mom in sight.  We had a nice time on that portion but when we got into a more populated area it went down hill fast.  There were scary masks and old kids everywhere.  When Jeremy and I were kids once you hit 12 you were to old but we saw so many teenagers dressed in terrible masks with knives or other weapons out.  Jasper is usually very independent and didn’t want to hold my hand but when he saw scary people he was at my side and wanted a hand!

I was feeling antsy and like we needed to get home and then Sherrad said, “I feel like we should go home.”

“Me too!”  I answered and so we all headed home.

“I have enough candy.” He added as we walked home passing by homes we could have stopped at.

Virginia obviously could feel it too for she, at times, stood back with me while the boys went to a home.  We’d just look at each other and shrug our shoulders.

We were out for 1 hour. We came home and talked about our experience.  Out of the blue Asa said, “I don’t want to go trick-or-treating next year I just want to make a costume and then stay home and hand out candy.”  Everyone agreed.

Their favorite part was creating the costumes.  They didn’t want much of their candy.  They ate a few pieces but were content to put it up for another day.

In the end we didn’t do any of the ideas I read about celebrating the reformation.  We talked about it.  I think it would be fun to have a German themed dinner as a tradition and tell the story, the long story of how we were brought out of the dark ages and light was brought forth as the teachings of Christ re-entered the world and culminated in a fullness of truth being here and available upon the earth now.

I think the funnest part of October 31st this year was time spent together building each other up and working together.  I don’t know that I need to start celebrating a new holiday to take the place of the ugly traditions of Halloween.  But, I do know we stuck together as a family, helped each other, and had a great day.


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