Pillowcase Tutorial

new pillow casesThis is a cheat because I’m going to post the pillow cases I made following another tutorial.    The Seasoned homemaker and Lovely little handmades both have good tutorials on the subject.  We went to The Fabric Basket during their after Christmas sale.  Savann, the owner, had a room that was 1/2 off everything so we made everyone pick fabrics from that room.  Asa and Sherrad felt a little miffed because they wanted different prints but in the end I think everyone was happy.

his and hers pillow cases

His and Hers

jasper's pillow casesJasper has 2 little pillows he uses and so 1 yard of fabric was just the right amount to make them both.  He loves bright colors!

sherrad's pillow case

Sherrad picked the most outdoorsy pattern he could find. The bear prints we found amongst Savann’s fabric scraps she had loaned us.  They went well together I think.  He made this himself.  I think he enjoys cutting with the rotary cutter the most.

asa pillow caseAsa too wanted a wolf or bear or something print.  This was the only other on sale print that was along those lines.  He likes it though.  He and I stayed up late the night we bought the fabric completing the whole thing in one sitting.  He just didn’t want to go to sleep until it was on his pillow.

virginia's pillow caseVirginia was drawn to both these fabric immediately.  She just couldn’t decide on the accent strip.  As part of her home economics course this year she made the pillow case herself.   She wasn’t sure she wanted too until she saw me make 3 the day we got the fabric.  “Oh, you mean it’s that easy?” She says.  “I do want to make my own then.”

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  1. Leslie R.
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 02:37:18

    Great pillow cases! Thanks for mentioning my tutorial ~ that’s so sweet.


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