Motherhood should be fun

I’ve had a recent realization, each day can be fun.images

I know that sounds stupid.

But, really I grew up being very driven, driven to success.  Success being determined by the worlds values, a degree and then an honored position in society.  Each day, each moment of each day, had to be filled with meaningful pursuits, ones that would last and make a difference.

I homeschool and I have often found myself driving my children the same way and consequently being disappointed often times as they do not share my same view of time and the worth of individual activities.

Facebook is an interesting place.  A cousin recently posted that she is going to take a vacation, by herself, even leaving the baby at home, to her husbands dismay.  All the responses were, “GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!”  “You go have sister time! Heaven knows you need it!!! Enjoy it!! Love you!!!!!”  “Love love love!!”  Her response, “I had to talk Ryan into “letting” me leave the baby. He assumes I will take her because she is a baby but I don’t want to and I ain’t!!

I can’t even begin to relate to any of these feelings but I must admit that because of my drive to “be productive” I have spent a great deal of time trying to find programs that would help the children to do homeschool things on their own so that I could do the projects I wanted to do.

This year I have started doing more activities with the children.  For example we are using the Saxon math program and I sit and do it with each child each day.  We also read from a book each day; right now we are reading, “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingles Wilder.

We have a wizard chess set.

We have a wizard chess set.

Yesterday I had just prepared lunch and I walked into Asa’s room to see what he was doing.  He was sitting on the floor playing a game of chess by himself.  I don’t even know how you do that but at any rate he loves to play and is often asking Sherrad or Virginia to play, but is usually turned down.  He’s asked me but I always turn him down too.  So I decided to steal the moment, and I sat down and we started to play.  It wasn’t long before all the children were there and we were playing on teams and having so much fun!  We ended up eating our sandwiches while we played.

Lately, rather than thinking of all the things I need to get done, apart from the children, I have changed my focus entirely and am thinking what can I do with them, how can I involve them?  Maybe what I thought was so important to get done, isn’t really necessary at all.  Maybe spending time doing what they love is far more important right now.  Maybe, just maybe, my time is theirs and I was given this time for them which reminds me of a quote I recently posted.



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