Birthday Gift

Virginia has a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  Here’s the gift we came up.  We tried to make something creative but on a limited budget.

hershey vase only

I wish I would have taken pictures all through the process but I only took a few.

candy flowers

We made some jolly rancher suckers.

Melt the jolly ranchers in a 350 degree oven for about 6 minutes.  Then put a stick in them.  I think they would look better if we would have had a flower cookie cutter to use.  You can spray the cookie cutter with non-stick spray and then put the jolly ranchers in them to melt.  You can also mold the jolly rancher as you pull it out of the oven into a flower if you like. Here’s a tutorial on making a jolly rancher rose.

hershey topiary and vase

For the vase we took a sparkling lemonade jar (you can use any jar) and cut it.  Here’s a couple of tutorials on how to do it.  The funny thing is we didn’t use either tutorial in full.  If you watch the second video we used a glass cutter like they did, but then rather than using a torch to separate the cut jar, (who has a torch sitting around right?) we just poured boiling water over the cut portion and it comes right apart.  Easy breezy!

The sticks are bamboo skewers you can get for 2 dollars at most any store and then we painted them green.

Here’s a great tutorial on making the Hershey kiss roses.

Here’s a great tutorial on making a gum drop topiary.  We used both gum drops and gummy bears.

There are so many paper flower tutorials out there.  Here are some sites that are good. Martha Stewart, Little Black Dress, Decora Recicla Imagine.

We used whoopers to fill the base of the vase.

I’m sure with more time and a little more trial and error this could look much more professional but hey it’s our first one.

The most important thing is to have fun and learn lots!

Now she’s ready for the party!

hershey vase done


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