Basket tutorial

Me and Madeline has a great tutorial for a crotchet basket.

She said that this is a one nap project but I think it’s more like a 2 nap project.  Cutting the material took a long time!

crotchet basket for sherradI bought 1 3/4 yards of this fabric for $20. But since you can’t really see the pattern in the finished product I think I would use an old sheet or something less expensive next time.  You do need a fabric that is printed on both sides.

Cut it into 1 inch strips and sew the strips together.  This was to much cutting to do all at once for me so I cut about 1/2 of it, rolled it into a ball then started the project.  In the end I preferred working with smaller strips anyway so it worked out well.

This makes a small basket, I recommend making it a bit larger for an older child.

sherrad's basket material

Me and Madeline suggests using size N hook.  I didn’t have that size.  The largest I have is L and it worked fine, although the stitches are noticeably smaller.

Foundation chain: Take your ball of fabric and your crochet hook and LOOSELY chain 5.

Row 1: Crochet two SC (single crochet) in each chain around. (2 sc, 2 sc, 2 sc)

Row 2-7: Crochet one SC in first SC and two SC in next SC around. (1 sc, 2 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc)
NOTE: Do not join each round, just continue around in one continuous round.

crotchet basket

Because of the smaller hook my stitches were smaller, so I made 7 rounds rather than her suggested 5 prior to the decrease round.

Row 7: Crochet one SC in first SC, one SCtog in next two stitches (this is a decrease) around. (1 sc, 1sctog, 1 sc, 1sctog)

crotchet basket bottomShe has a great link to a tutorial on decreasing stitches.  Then the rest is easy.

Row 8-16: Crochet one SC in each stitch around (sc, sc, sc, sc). Slip stitch to finish.

crotched basket strips

You can see here that I ended up working with long strips rather than a ball of material.  I much preferred this method.  It was easier to control and I didn’t need to untwist it anymore.

It’s a fun project, a great basket and I recommend it.  I was making it for Sherrad.  He picked out the style but every time he looked at Me and Madline’s pink basket he’d say, “Just not with a flower!”

Yes, yes, of course!


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