Easily spoiled

“Father would not let him handle the young horses or the colts. Father didn’t trust him yet, because colts and young, unbroken horses are very easily spoiled.” quote from “Farmer Boy”

book-farmerboyI recently read “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingles Wilder to our children and was struck by the constant reminder that Almanzo was not allowed to go near the colts because of his youth.  He could easily do something that would spook them or scare them and spoil the colts.

The other day I was sitting on the couch with Ephraim and Jasper.  Jasper was doing something, not mean but it could be taken that way by Ephraim and I immediately thought of Almanzo and the colts.  I realized that babies are easily spoiled.  Not from being held too much as was the old saying by our parents generation but from not feeling our constant love and appreciation for them.  By being harsh,  impatient, or ever bugged by their presence.  I wish I could do as Almanzo’s father did and keep my children completely isolated to only those who would treat them with that understanding.

Our midwife said that studies have been done on breastfeeing infants, and those who wish their boys to fight, to be soldiers, immediately take them from their mother’s at birth and wouldn’t let them breastfeed because that is the way to raise fighters, those who are indifferent to others or even filled with anger and hatred.  I want my boys to be filled with love, and kindness, to understand we are all part of the the human family, endowed with rights from our creator.


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