Tlingit Canoes heading to Wrangell for Chief Shakes Tribal House Rededication

This weekend is the Chief Shakes Tribal House Re-dedication in Wrangell Alaska.  There were several people who decided to paddle traditional canoes from Juneau south to Wrangell in time for the dedication.  We watched them come through Petersburg.

ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 038 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 045 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 074 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 076

ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 097 really like ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 101

There was an audience here to await their arrival.

ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 144

There were three native canoes. as soon as they started into the Narrows the native paddlers began to chant and sing and we even heard a drum beating.  Pretty exciting.

ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 146 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 154 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 164 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 189 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 229 ChiefShakesRededicationCanoes 235


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