Quiet Books tutorial

I just finished teaching the unit on the 5 senses to my little 3 year old’s at church (the Sunbeams).  So I decided to make them each a quiet book to go along with it.

candy and books 008 candy and books 004 candy and books 005 candy and books 007Now the tutorial part.  I first had to decide how big to make the books.  I thought that each page should be 5X7.  So I cut out 4 pieces of material that were 6X15 for each book.

Next I had to plan out what to put on each page.002

On each piece of material there will be 2 pages and I needed to know what to put onto each page.  As you can see from the illustration (I know I’m a terrible artist) pages 1 and 8 are both on the same piece of fabric.  Pages 2 and 7 are on the same piece of fabric; pages 6 and 3 as well as 4 and 5.

For the front page I found some fabric at the second hand store that had Scandinavian dressed people.  Since this was about our bodies I thought that would be perfect.  I printed their names on each one and then sewed them to a background fabric and then onto the book fabric.   I used either a zigzag stitch of quilting stitch.  If I had it to do again I would fold the fabric under around the edges and use a straight stitch to put them on; then I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying at all and I would use less thread.

6-2013 065 6-2013 064 6-2013 063 For the last page of the book I used the same fabric as the front (there were squares with other designs on the pieces of fabric I got).

6-2013 061Now pages 2 and 7 are on the same fabric.  Page 2 says, “I am thankful I have hands.”  So page 2 has their hand print and the works printed on it (page 3 is a piece of fabric with different things to feel on it).  At first I sewed the words on before I attached the fabric to the background fabric.  Don’t do it, it will sew much better if you wait until you have the fabrics together.  That’s what I did on the rest of them and I was pleased.  A note about the hand paint is below.  I looked up homemade fabric paints and found lots of options but the easiest was glue so went with that.

For hand paint I used white all purpose glue and put food coloring in it.  It worked great. But, their hand will be pink for a little while.

For hand paint I used white all purpose glue and put food coloring in it. It worked great. But, their hand will be pink for a little while.

Page 7 has a pocket and under the pocket it says “and taste”.   I put a very large jaw breaker in the pocket. It’s not possible to chock on it and it taste yummy, perfect.

For 3 of the books I used a t-shirt because I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying ends but with one I used cotton material and did a zigzag stitch around it.  Then added another scrap to the flap so it wouldn’t fray and it looks good.

I cut very long pieces of t-shirt and folded them like a pocket and sewed.  I don’t have measurements-I didn’t really measure just laid the materiel out on the fabric to see what would fit and cut and sewed.

6-2013 066

Next are pages 6 and 3.  In the picture below you can see both pages.  For page 3 I zigzagged on a square of blue or yellow fabric then I sewed on a red felt ribbon and a piece of hook velcro.  Then I left it empty until I had the books completely finished and used a hot glue gun to attach some rabbit fur, very soft yarn, a new scrubby, and a fluffy ball (look at the picture at the top).

Page 6 is “I am thankful that I can smell”.  I decided to do a pot of flowers for this page.  I sprayed perfume on the flowers.

6-2013 060You can see the 4 books are in different stages.  For the pots I figured out how big I wanted them to be and cut out the material.  Then I ironed under all the edges so I wouldn’t have fraying issues (I finally had the idea to do that) then I sewed them all to a piece of black felt.

After I sewed them to the felt I cut them out.  It’s easier to sew something to a large piece of felt and then cut it out.  I did this so that I could sew the pot on around the edges and leave the top open to store the flowers in if desired.  nose page

Before sewing the pots on, sew the stems on.  Finally the buttons.  For the flowers I drew a couple of flowers on paper and used that as a stencil.  One bigger one smaller. I cut one flower out of felt then sewed it to a large piece of felt and then cut it.  I liked the flowers that were hand sewn together better than the ones machine sewn.  For the button hole I used the button hole attachment on my sewing machine.  I had never done them before and I found it rather fun!

If you want a template here’s a good link: Sunshine, lollipops, and Rainbows.  She has lots of great ideas!

Lastly pages 4 and 5 are the ones in the middle of the book.  6-2013 072This is page 5.  It’s simple, sew on the title and pocket.  Of course you have to write on the pocket before sewing it on.  A picture of their eyes goes in the pocket.

Page 4 was a little more complex.ear page 2 ear pageFirst I printed off a clip art ear and used it as my template.  Then I cut ears out of fabric and used a purple marker to try and make them look more realistic.  I sewed the ears to red felt and wrote EARS on them then sewed them half way onto the material.  They are a pocket and inside is a little plastic whistle.

Next I sewed a strip of material on and wrote: “I AM THANKFUL FOR MY”.

Finally I sewed some felt strips to the back of the material as well as a piece of cellophane.  I cut out a square of cellophane (it will make a fun crinkle sound) and put it next to the wrong side of the fabric.  Then I pinned on the two felt strips and sewed it all on.  (The stitches around the bead animals are where I sewed the felt pieces)

I originally tried putting the beads on without the felt and it was very unstable.  My baby ripped it right out and that is why I did the felt which worked out really nicely because then I was able to add the cellophane as well.

Finally I took string and this time I did not tie a knot in the string originally, I pulled it through, added the beads (they make a nice noise as well as allowing for the opportunity for the child to mimic the sound the animal makes) then when I pulled the string through to the back I tied the two strings together so that the string can move up and down. It will not be pulled out this time.

candy and books 005

Now sew pages 1-8 and 2-7 together right sides together, clip corners and turn right side out then hand sew the opening shut.  And sew pages 3-6 and 4-5 together.  At this point I was going to sew all the way around each book (1/4 of an inch in but I forgot. It would be a good idea though.)

Then I put the two pages together and added a seem right through the center of the whole book.  Now it can be complete, but for a finishing touch I added a binding.

candy and books 008They were now much to thick to sew with the machine so I had to hand sew the binding.

Whew what a project! Any questions or suggestions are welcome!


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