Blind Slough

We went to Blind Slough for an activity with the children from our church ages 8-11. (This was last month I’m just really slow at getting around to posting about it.)  Jessica and Will Hill were the leaders and we just went along as extra adult supervision. Mostly because we have a really big van and can take a lot of children in it.  We got some great photos of the kids jumping off the bridge and kayaking, but I wonder if the kids favorite event wasn’t our tire blow out on the way home.

In the beginning the kids thought it would be fun to jump off the bridge.  One by one they challenged and encouraged each other.  By the end nearly everyone had jumped.

Sherrad’s jump

KayakingBlind 056 smaller KayakingBlind 057 smaller KayakingBlind 058 smaller KayakingBlind 059 smaller KayakingBlind 060 smallerKayakingBlind 061 KayakingBlind 062 KayakingBlind 063 KayakingBlind 064Mandy’s jump

KayakingBlind 003 KayakingBlind 004 KayakingBlind 005 KayakingBlind 006 KayakingBlind 007 KayakingBlind 008 KayakingBlind 009 KayakingBlind 010McKenzie’s jump

KayakingBlind 024 KayakingBlind 025 KayakingBlind 026 KayakingBlind 027 KayakingBlind 028 KayakingBlind 029 KayakingBlind 030Fallons’ jump

KayakingBlind 015 KayakingBlind 016 KayakingBlind 017 KayakingBlind 018 KayakingBlind 019 KayakingBlind 020 KayakingBlind 022Miguel’s jump

KayakingBlind 047 KayakingBlind 048 KayakingBlind 049 KayakingBlind 050 KayakingBlind 051 KayakingBlind 052 KayakingBlind 054

KayakingBlind 013

Okay enough jumping

KayakingBlind 162KayakingBlind 163KayakingBlind 090 KayakingBlind 091 KayakingBlind 092 KayakingBlind 093KayakingBlind 065KayakingBlind 097 KayakingBlind 098KayakingBlind 102 KayakingBlind 103 KayakingBlind 104

Anna and MandyKayakingBlind 066 KayakingBlind 069 KayakingBlind 070 KayakingBlind 071 KayakingBlind 078 KayakingBlind 080 KayakingBlind 088 KayakingBlind 094 KayakingBlind 095 KayakingBlind 096KayakingBlind 101 KayakingBlind 107

Jessica and McKenzie

KayakingBlind 108 KayakingBlind 119 KayakingBlind 123Next it was Asa, Miguel, and Devon’s turn and Will went as the adult.

KayakingBlind 126 KayakingBlind 127 KayakingBlind 128 KayakingBlind 129 KayakingBlind 130 KayakingBlind 131 KayakingBlind 132 KayakingBlind 133 KayakingBlind 134 smaller KayakingBlind 135 KayakingBlind 136 smaller KayakingBlind 138 KayakingBlind 139

KayakingBlind 140 KayakingBlind 141 smaller KayakingBlind 142 KayakingBlind 143 KayakingBlind 144 KayakingBlind 145 smaller KayakingBlind 146 smaller KayakingBlind 147 KayakingBlind 148 smaller KayakingBlind 150KayakingBlind 151 KayakingBlind 160 KayakingBlind 164 KayakingBlind 167 KayakingBlind 168 KayakingBlind 169 KayakingBlind 170 KayakingBlind 171 KayakingBlind 172Next it was Sherrad,Wyatt, and Fallon’s turn.  Jeremy took them out.  Sherrad felt slighted that he didn’t get to share a kayak with his dad.  Next time!

KayakingBlind 174

KayakingBlind 175 KayakingBlind 176 KayakingBlind 178 KayakingBlind 179 KayakingBlind 181 KayakingBlind 183 KayakingBlind 185 KayakingBlind 186 KayakingBlind 177 KayakingBlind 184

Virginia isn’t in Activity Day’s anymore (She’s now Young Women’s age) but since we were going she had to come and she was dieing to go in a kayak.  She was very hesitant since she wasn’t officially part of the group but Will and Jessica were very gracious about letting her go out for a quick moment while they started putting the yellow kayak away.  She was hooked from this one experience.  As were Asa and Sherrad.

KayakingBlind 191

KayakingBlind 192 KayakingBlind 193 KayakingBlind 194KayakingBlind 197

On our way home we suddenly heard a loud pop and then the car started pulling hard.  Yup we got a flat tire.  Luckily we had a spare and Will and Jessica were behind us.  So they pulled over and helped; making it a quick job.  We feel very blessed that it all worked out so well!  We will not be taking another trip out the road until we can get another spare.

KayakingBlind 201 smaller KayakingBlind 202 smaller KayakingBlind 203 smaller KayakingBlind 204 smaller KayakingBlind 205 KayakingBlind 206 KayakingBlind 207 KayakingBlind 208 KayakingBlind 209 KayakingBlind 210 KayakingBlind 211


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