At the start of this growing season we though a few apple seeds we had into some small disposable cups.  We didn’t pay much attention to them because we had so many other things to do in the yard.  By and by they started to sprout and then grow leaves and we transplanted them.  We started putting them outside in the direct sun light each time it was sunny and gave them plenty of water and they kept growing.  I just transplanted them again into buckets and one into a larger pot.

apples in bucket apple tree

We started reading about starting apple seeds and found out you will not get an exact replicate of the parent seeds.  It’s like when two people have children all the children look and act very different.  We also found out that in order to pollinate most apple trees you need different varieties  to pollinate each other.  So we went to the store and bought 4 varieties of apples and are now growing more.

apples fuji apples kikuMost of what I read advised against starting apples from seed.  Don’t listen.  And we didn’t freeze the seeds first or anything like that.  It’s really not that complicated.  It’s really okay if we don’t grow exactly a Gala or Breaburn.  It’ll be okay.  I keep thinking about Johnny Appleseed.  He went around planting apple seeds and had great success.  It’s an exciting venture.

Now my only problem is where am I going to plant the trees after they grow big enough to go into the ground?

apples and sherrad apples and sherrad1


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  1. R.E.Stowell.writer
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 07:33:35

    Depending on where you are located in Alaska, the seedlings should be planted in the ground before winter so the roots are protected better from the cold. I have had better luck with cherry pits. 4 out of 7 are now in their 4th year. Best wishes with your endeavor.


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