Asa recently finished something he’s been working on for months.  His Uncle, John Lofgreen, is a professional artist.  His site is found at  We have some beautiful art work of his on our wall. His site and work has been an inspiration to Asa.  johns birdHe found this picture on Johnny’s blog and decided to replicate it.

025 (2)Here’s what Asa came up with.

He also decided to do some work to try and sale this summer.  Here’s his first piece.


Virginia is also getting rather good and developing a unique style of her own.  She recently won the peace poster contest for Southeast with this illustration.

art comp 2013a

In preparation for this she spent hours developing her skills.  She perfected the eye.

more 053 virginiaAnd whimsical doves.more 055 virginia

She is also working on some pieces to sale this summer.  These are in process at the moment.


They are also quite the sculptures.  They had fun messing around with some left over clay a few weeks ago.

005 003 009 013 014Jasper is truly a lego artist.

school work 2014As is Asa.  This guy is battery powered.



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