Tulip and bird quilt

We wanted to make a gift for my mom and she loves flowers and birds so with the help of my family we designed a quilt for her.  I didn’t take pictures along the way, but I wanted to post the design and ideas so that if anyone else wants to use them they can.

tulip 1

The first thing we had to do was design our quilt.  We used graph paper to sketch out our design. Each square equaled 2 inches.  This is a terrible picture but it’s all I’ve got of our graph.

school 006

I started with the sky.  I made  4″x4″ squares and stitched them together.

Next I cut the light green material to fit the entire center portion and sewed the blue sky to it.

I knew I could attach the birds, tree and sun at this point because the blue material was rather sturdy.

My daughter drew me the birds.  For each bird I told Virginia the dimensions I needed and she sketched within those parameters.  For instance, this bird was the very central bird.  I looked at our graph and saw that it needed to take up a space that measured about 2 1/2 squares high and 4 1/2 squares long which is really 5″ high and 9″ long (remember each square equals 2″) so I told her that and she drew it to the specifications.

bird for the sky

bird for the sky

tulip 4

I always use wonderunder to attach the birds and flowers.  It works great if you use the iron long enough that the wonder part of the under works and attaches well other wise it will pull up and be very frustrating.

For the sun we traced a bowl that was the size we wanted and then made little triangles.  The tree I drew but I don’t have a picture of it.  I had to tape 2 pieces of paper together for it because it was so large.

tulip 26

bird that goes with the nest.

bird that goes with the nest.

tulip 5

After everything that needed to be sewn to the sky was completed then I attached the batting. The light green material was rather thin (I was worried that if I didn’t have the batting attached that the tulips would pucker) so I used 505 Spray and Fix to attach the material to the batting.

This stuff is expensive but worth it!

This stuff is expensive but worth it!

Okay after all that I felt I had really accomplished something but really I wasn’t even half done yet.

tulip 16tulip 15tulip 18Here’s a flower that didn’t make the cut.  We were going to add it but decided to stick with tulips in the end.tulip 20Each flower had to be made into a stencil.  Here are the stencil pieces.

tulip 27tulip 6 tulip 7 tulip 9The stencil for the outside flowers and birds.

tulip 14tulip 21tulip 10 tulip 11 tulip 12I intended on sewing buttons on for eyes on the birds but didn’t remember until after I’d sent the blanket off in the mail.

The grass I sewed on using a zig zag stitch.  I increased and decreased on the fly while I sewed.

tulip 1tulip 2

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  1. myfoodandflowers
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 19:38:58

    Nice work, so cute! 🙂


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