BBQ Chicken Sandwich

bbq chicken sandwich

BBQ Chicken Sandwich
3-4 lbs chicken (must be boneless, skinless chicken thigh, not breast!)
Cook in crock pot 4 hours on high. Do not add anything else to it. After it is cooked separate out the broth and save for chicken pot pie or stir fry or chicken noodle soup or… What are your ideas?

bbq boneless skinless chicken legsbbq boneless skinless and chicken broth

1 bottle BBQ sauce (Kinders, Weber, or Stubbs are the best brands)

bbq sauceweber sauce
Pour sauce in with chicken. Shred chicken as you mix in sauce and fully saturate the chicken. Use as much of the sauce as needed (about ¾ bottle).

bbq chicken and sauce
12 hamburger buns
Shredded mozzarella or parmesan or muenster or provolone cheese
Toast bun on bagel setting so that only the inside of the bun is toasted. Spread a thin layer of cheese on bottom of bun, add chicken, and top with a thin layer of cheese, then top with bun. Serve warm.

bbq chicken


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