Potatos and strawberries

We are doing some potato experiments this year.  We have planted some in three buckets.  1 bucket we filled full of purchases soil (my husbands).  001 002 0031 bucket we filled with seaweed, sand from the sea shore, and sawdust (my daughters).  Both of those buckets were completely filled with with the “soil” then a potato planted near the top.004Just look at the comparison between these two potato plants.

005  1 bucket filled only with seaweed and sawdust and the potato was planted at the bottom of the bucket.  (my bucket)

006 007Notice mine is still growing within in the bucket.  It had out grown it’s starting soil and so I added more sawdust but we are not to the top of the bucket yet.  I did add some plant food a couple of weeks into the experiment to both Virginia’s plant and mine.  We shall see what see have at harvest time.

We saw an advertisement for free strawberry plants.  Then I called and it was someone who lives just a few homes from us.  So we walked over and they are getting rid of their strawberry patch and wanted all the strawberry plants gone.  So, we dug up a whole bunch and now I have strawberries.  Yay!

008 009 017 018 019

This morning we happily watched some deer in our yard until they noticed the strawberries.  Oh no!

001 002 003 004



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