Waldorf Doll

doll 047This is my first Waldorf Doll.  It has been entirely experimental.  I am going to modify my pattern a little for my next one.  I will post the links I used to glean ideas from.

doll 001 doll 002 doll 005Here is a great tutorial for making a doll.

I drafted my own pattern, but there are plenty of sites that have them available.  The dress is also a pattern I created.  I used Dana’s (at Dana made it) layered skirt tutorial for making the skirt of the dress.  The main difference is that I made only 2 connectors (rather than 3) and 3 ruffles.  Obviously I didn’t add elastic either but stitched the skirt directly to the bodice.

doll 007To close the back of the dress I stitched on 3 snaps.

doll 010For the hair I found a great tutorial at Pickled Okra by Charlie.

This takes some time!  I am using 100% wool for this hair but I won’t do that again because I do want the option of being able to wash my doll without the hair felting.

Curling my wool yarn for hair.

Curling my wool yarn for hair.

I soaked the wool for about 6 hours in water then baked in 225 degree oven for 1 hour.  You can see from the pictures that I attached the cap to the head before attaching the yarn, but it may be easier to attach the individual yarn to the cap before sewing it to the doll.

The tutorials for the cap, curling the yarn, and attaching it to the cap, are all at Pickled okra in 3 different posts. She also links to the Hungry Hook who has a tutorial on making curls in acrylic yarn. I couldn’t find anything out there on using wool so I tried it and it worked out well.  The main difference between the 2 tutorials is the time they spent soaking the yarn in water.  1 soaked it over night, the just rinsed the yarn, then dabbed it dry and cooked.  I decided to soak it for several hours to be on the safe side.

doll 049This is the beginnings of attaching the hair.  This was the first round of yarn I curled.  Now I need to curl more and continue attaching.  I think it would have been better to design the hat to be just that, a hat, and then I would only need to attach a little hair (because the hair would be coming out of the hat).  Next time I am going to create the hair to be removable.  That way you could have several wigs, changing your doll as you please.

doll 045This is not quite the finished doll, I need to add the rest of the hair, but I’m excited with how she came together.

doll 048



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. GretchenJoanna
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 03:21:44

    Your doll is a very pleasant girl. I had quite a time with my first Waldorf dolls last year, getting their personalities straightened out! I love the hair you gave her, too, and will follow those links. Thanks!


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