Blind River Rapids

For Jasper’s birthday this year we went out to Blind River Rapids and ate a picnic.

There is a great boardwalk pathway down to the rapids.  You can take the long route or the short one.  Even the long way isn’t very long though.

Grandpa took this picture.

Grandpa took this picture.

We saw later that night that others had seen a bear there.  Guess we missed him.  We watched as groups of salmon swam up river splashing about.

MaccaNMacpa14 053 MaccaNMacpa14 060 MaccaNMacpa14 061 MaccaNMacpa14 062 MaccaNMacpa14 063MaccaNMacpa14 056 MaccaNMacpa14 067 MaccaNMacpa14 068MaccaNMacpa14 058We saw one Salmon out of the stream.  Very interesting to young viewers.

MaccaNMacpa14 064 MaccaNMacpa14 065 MaccaNMacpa14 066Grandma and Grandpa were with us.

MaccaNMacpa14 054 MaccaNMacpa14 055 MaccaNMacpa14 059



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