Birthday time at Blind River Rapids picinic area

Grandma and Grandpa had a present waiting for Jasper first thing in the morning.  They were very disappointed in the toy selection here in town.  They put it on the table and waited.  As soon as Jasper noticed it there here went and looked at it for a while.  Then he found out he could open it.

MaccaNMacpa14 051Then he found out he could open it.

Snapshot 1 (7-29-2014 4-32 PM) Snapshot 2 (7-29-2014 4-33 PM)His other Grandma and Grandpa sent him a gift certificate and he chose cool firefighter boots.

001Then we had a picnic and cake.

MaccaNMacpa14 069 MaccaNMacpa14 070Ephraim was very eager, as was everyone, but he pushed in the lid on the cake and then there was no more happy.

MaccaNMacpa14 071 MaccaNMacpa14 072Notice the flint in his hand…

MaccaNMacpa14 073We forgot matches so we started a fire with flint and steel and then lit the candles.  By the time we got all that done Ephraim had had more time to “enjoy” the cake.

MaccaNMacpa14 074 MaccaNMacpa14 075MaccaNMacpa14 076 MaccaNMacpa14 077


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