Summer of Shave ice

This summer the kids ran a shave ice stand.  Before the summer began we developed a logo. We began with the face shape and hair structure.

global warming 1 global warming 2

Then we drew various eyes and noses and mouths.  A lot of trial and error went into this.  global warming 4 global warming 5 global warming 7 global warming 13 global warming mouthsglobal warming 9

We debated braids and a body but in the end decided against warming 15 global warming girl body global warming scandi girl body global warming body global warming 20

We decided to make add fur from a coat around the face.  The original idea was for her to be wearing a seal skin swim suit with a ruff of a coat around her face.  She was going to be sitting on an ice burg.  This was to play off of global warming.  But, in the end we just had the fur from the coat and painted it so that it could represent a coat but also a warming sun.

Scandi 001

global warming 14

Now we get to paint her.  Everyone submitted their warming 19 global warming 21

global warming 22 global warming 25 global warming 26

global warming 27

Now, painting onto the large sign that will sit on top of the stand. global warming alaskan ice global warming alaskan ice painted

Now we get to decide how to store the syrups, which flavors of syrup to order, which sizes to offer, etc. Our business changed and evolved all summer long.  global warming syrup and stands5-3-2014 business open 5-3-2014 opening 5-3-2014 5-2014 syrup holder syrup holder1 029 (2) 004 (3) 001 (2) 001 029 031 038 044 046 fest14warmprice new shave ice sign shave ice sign with fish and bears new sign lilnorway 002

The kids shave ice stand in August. We had grown to 61 flavors by this time and 2 different flower cups which we created 3 different sizes out of and we offer several additional toppings (ice cream, ice cap, termination dust, bears and fish (both gummy’s).  For a kids corner lemonade stand, I think it all turned out rather impressive.



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