Let’s start a NEW Feminist Movement!

I feel the need to weigh in on the feminist movement that is shouting so loudly right now.

Here is the current face of the feminist movement. gloria-steinem i had an abortion

When women fought for the right to vote otherwise known as women’s suffrage, this also included their right to run for office and own land, they were fighting for natural human rights, in other words, rights that all should have. Women in the 1800’s and early 1900’s knew that women and men were different, that they had different roles to play, but they also knew that inherently there are some things that all mankind have a right to. Some of these rights are also common decency, the right to walk and speak freely without fear of being harmed, the right to feel safe both at home and in society. women vote

But, the women of the past, who fought the good fight, and the women of today, who fight against everything that is good, virtuous and lovely, are two different breeds. They cannot and must not be linked.

Our grandmothers are crying with shame to see their daughter’s today take everything they hold so dear and squash the life out of it turning femininity into darkness and ugly venomous spewing.

What do we hate men for? What are we fighting for, “men are all pigs” as the quote goes. Okay, I’ll take that at face value. Why? What do men do that is so pig like? (Going to a personal note here I was raised in a home with 4 brothers and I grew up feeling and thinking that men are pigs for sure.) Let’s start at the beginning, they all want to rape us, they hate women, they beat us (their wives and children) at home, they won’t let us do what we want, they don’t let us speak our mind, they yell at us, and are always angry with us, they think we are weak, they are just mean right? Did I list everything? Okay so what are we, as feminists, doing about this terrible behavior that men exude all the time? Hum, let me think, oh yeah, let’s do exactly what they all do only do it better right? Did I make the right choice? So, now we can yell at men, we can slander them at every turn, we can beat them, and we won’t let them speak at all. Oh and if there are any women out there who “side” with men then we’ll treat them the same way.

You know, if these “feminist’s” were really all about femininity then they would nurture the men, they would show them compassion and use their inherent biological genetics of nurturing and influence to persuade the men to rise above their debased behavior, for they too have inherent genetic traits.

That brings me to another topic. One of the new lines that women who have awakened to the awful treatment that “feminists” are giving to men and see that they aren’t victims and that it is all a lie, say that even still we are in a new age, we have machines now that do that work that men use to do so we don’t need men to be men any longer and we don’t need women to be woman any longer.

Wow, this is really new, so because we now have machines we don’t need our genetics any longer? Maybe we should all, men and women both, get surgery so that we can all be unisex people. Hum, I wonder why evolution hasn’t changed us already to be a-sexual and to all be one human being? Why have 2 different versions? Oh wait, the gay’s wouldn’t like that argument, hum, oh I’ve got it, let’s evolve into 4 or 5 different humans, we have gay man, lesbo woman, bisexualandrogynous, and transgender person. We will have to do away with men and woman all together, but that is alright because that is just the way the feminists and gay crowd like it, right.

Okay, so let’s face the facts, that there are in fact men and women. Just like we can go to the store and there are apples and oranges.apple Apples have a specific genetic pattern. Their genetics send out a pattern for a firm fruit, seeds in the middle, red or green, etc. Oranges are quite different right, they are juicy and squishy, and orange, and taste vastly different. Well, we have evolved far enough that we really don’t need two different fruit. Why not genetically modify apples and oranges so that they are the same fruit? I mean it really isn’t fair that an orange is still orange. And why can’t it be firm like an apple? We have come far enough with science that we can do this, we have created square watermelon why not firm oranges that are red?

It’s absurd really, right? Yet, isn’t that what women are saying when they say that women and men should be exactly the same? Do we not see that physically women were given breasts and men were not? Do we not see that women were given curves and men were not? That is only the outside, just like from looking at the outside of an orange versus an apple we would not know that inside one was firm and one was squishy without experiencing it. Men and women, genetically not only look different, but their gifts, skills, abilities, etc., are very different.

As I mentioned earlier, women were given the genetics to make them superior nurturers, calm_babyand they were given the ability to influence others in a way that men simply were not given the ability to. Likewise, men were given gifts they are to protect and provide. Men inherently, in the face of an enemy, will stand in front of the woman to protect her, to take the bullet; he puts his life out to save hers. snow whiteA good Mother will do the same for her child. She will stand in harm’s way to nurture and protect her baby from any harm. Also, men provide, I know machines make it so they don’t need to go out and hunt for their families any longer but nevertheless that trait, that genetic gene resides inside every man.

If we were really out there fighting for women’s rights, then we would fight to nurture, to love, to serve, and to influence for good all that come within our sphere of influence. And a big part of that would include helping men to perform their inherent roles. Imagine if you had a job to do, something you felt very strongly needed to be done, and you were stripped of everything to perform that duty with. That is how men must feel today. We have ripped from them everything they need to perform their inherent genetic yearnings.

Let’s start a new feminist movement, let’s actually fight for women to be feminine, to be beautiful, to influence all to do good, and to nurture our son’s and daughters and husbands to fulfill their inherent natures.


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