I’ve been learning to draft pant patterns lately.  I am going to put together a tutorial when I get some time.  For now, pictures of finished pants only.

Little ones first.  He loves them and wears them all the time.

pants ep pants ephra pants ephraim 9-2014 pants ephraim [ants ephr kids 008The next pair was meant for Sherrad but I didn’t draft the pattern correct so, they became Jasper’s pants.  He likes them but wants pockets. He insisted I take a picture of every pose.

004 005 006 007 008 009 010

Then I made a pattern that would work for Sherrad. I was out of the green material and I don’t have many options for material so I used what I have and I think they turned out awesome!  But, Sherrad felt like he needed to be at the carnival with a bag of popcorn.  He says they are way cozy.

pants 002 pants sherrad pants 003 pants 004 pants 005 pants 006My husband started this spur of pant making by making his own pair one day.  He’d been talking about making some cozy pj pants for a long time and finally did it.  They turned out just as he had planned.




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