Costume time

For Jasper’s costume we took some upholstery, and traced a shirt onto it.  Then I cut out two panels and sewed the right sides together.  After turning it right side out I had to cut a slit down  the front so his head would fit.  Then we made fringe and used the glue gun to attach it.  His gun is a wooden one Asa made with a horn attached to the end.  002 003 004 005 007 009 010 011 012

His hat is a knitted bear hat I made for him and his basket is a crotchet one I made for Easter.

025 020 022


024He is very tired of waiting.

026Ephraim wore our old stand by, the Alligator costume but he was tired and so he stayed home to hand out candy with me.

016 015 014 013 006 008 001Sherrad was a miner.  All he did was grab a wool sweater, a gold panning plate, and a shovel.  Asa was a robber.  He wouldn’t let me make him a mask, he said he didn’t like them.  So, all I did was make him a bag with a money sign on it.

027 028 029 030 031 032 033

Virginia spent a couple of hours getting her friend Fallon dressed up as a cat.  First we had to make the skirt fit her.  So, we cut into the elastic waist line and pulled out about 10 inches of it then re-sewed it together.  Then Virginia attached a dark brown fleece scarf to her front for a shirt.  Then she made her a scarf out of cat like material.  They spent a lot of time in the bathroom designing her face.  Finally, she grabbed a black head band and some scraps of material and used the glue gun to put together the ears.

034 035For Virginia’s costume we spent days making her cape.  She wanted to be an ice queen so it had to be out of white material.  We cut a sewed the cape and then made a hood and sewed the two together.  The hood nearly eluded me until Jeremy suggest I just use a hood she already likes on one of her sweat shirts as my pattern.  It worked beautifully. She really wanted some white fluffy material to edge her hood but we ran out of time to do it.

036 039038037


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