Sand, Hill, Crane Lakes (Three Lakes Trails)

Here on Mitkof island there are three lakes all very close to each other and trails that connect them.  The first lake is called Sand, the second, Hill, and the third Crane, named after the lakes frequent visitors Sand Hill Cranes.  Each hike is about a 1/2 mile from the road to the lake.  Each trail head, a short drive from the next.  If you wish to do the full hike going from lake to lake it is about 4 1/2 miles and there is boardwalk that connects them going through the muskeg and forested areas.  About half way between Sand and Hill lakes there is another smaller lake called shelter lake that has a small cabin for use.

We had never been to the lakes so picked at random to go to Hill lake first.

Here is a snap shot of the board walk that covers the entire walk to the lake.

sand hill crane lakes jasper sherrad cute

My in-laws took this picture

Hill Lake

Hill Lake

Each lake has a picnic table and a small row boat that is free of charge.  Just remember to pull the plug back out of the row boat after you use it so it doesn’t fill with water.

Where else can you take a short hike in a national forest and arrive at your destination and have the entire place to yourself?

MaccaNMacpa14 017 MaccaNMacpa14 018 MaccaNMacpa14 019 MaccaNMacpa14 020 MaccaNMacpa14 022 MaccaNMacpa14 023

kids in boat

My in-laws snapped these and just sent them to me.

in row boat

one my in-laws snapped

The biggest attraction for the kids was the row boat.  It has a capacity of 3 at a time.

MaccaNMacpa14 027 MaccaNMacpa14 028 MaccaNMacpa14 029 MaccaNMacpa14 030 MaccaNMacpa14 031 MaccaNMacpa14 032Grandpa even took a turn.

MaccaNMacpa14 035 MaccaNMacpa14 036 MaccaNMacpa14 037 MaccaNMacpa14 038 MaccaNMacpa14 039 MaccaNMacpa14 041

macpa in boat

my mother-in-law snapped this shot

Meanwhile Ephraim made us nervous playing on the edge of the dock.


Grandma and Grandpa sent us this picture.

MaccaNMacpa14 033 MaccaNMacpa14 042 MaccaNMacpa14 043 MaccaNMacpa14 044 MaccaNMacpa14 045 MaccaNMacpa14 046MaccaNMacpa14 025 MaccaNMacpa14 026 MaccaNMacpa14 034

Grandma and Grandpa sent us this picture.

Grandma and Grandpa sent us this picture.

Next we decided to check out crane lake.  When we pulled up there were 2 other cars there.  But, we passed them on our hike in so once again we had the place to ourselves.

I believe that this lake must be the most trafficked. After you get to the lake, keep on the trail about a .1 of a mile around the lake and you will come to a “hammock” as the previous hikers called it.  I don’t think I would describe it that way.  It’s a net fully tied off to several trees with an accompanying latter to get up into it.  It’s not for those afraid of heights.

MaccaNMacpa14 047

These hikes are beautiful, extremely easy and way fun!

My in-laws got to the lakes before we did and snapped this shot of Virginia.

gin and net



011 bill 014 bill 019 bill 031007 008 009bill 009 bill 010 bill 011My husband’s parents were here.

bill 005 bill 006 bill 007 bill 008 bill 012 bill 013 bill 016 bill 017 bill 018Ephraim wasn’t any more afraid of them than they were of him.

bill 023 bill 024 bill 025 bill 026 bill 027 bill 029bill 030 bill 032 bill 033 bill 034 bill 035 bill 036Grandma got some shots too.  I’d love to see her photos of the deer.

bill 020 bill 022

More Wild Flowers

Our little patch of mixed flower seeds we threw down in the spring are growing every day.  I get excited to see which new flowers are blooming each day.  Here are a few more pictures.

flowers 006 flowers 007 flowers 008 flowers 009 flowers 010flowers 011flowers 013flowers 015You can see our little poppies here are about to bloom.  We have an army of them ready to explode.  They are such pleasant little flowers.

flowers 018flowers 019 flowers 020 flowers 021 flowers 022 flowers 023 flowers 024flowers 025 flowers 030 flowers 031


020 021 022 023

MayFest or Petersburg Little Norway Festival

lilnorway 004 lilnorway 005 lilnorway 007 lilnorway 008 lilnorway 009 lilnorway 010 lilnorway 011 lilnorway 012 lilnorway 013 lilnorway 014lilnorway 002 lilnorway 003 lilnorway 015There was a helicopter flying over head round and round and round.  He was taking people up for short tours of town.

mayfestheli 001 mayfestheli 002 mayfestheli 003 mayfestheli 004 mayfestheli 005

At the end of the Rainbow…

taku009 taku010 taku012

Apples from seed

Several months ago I posted pictures of apple plants we had started from seed.  Here’s an updated photo.  Someone suggested we get them into the ground before winter hits.  And they are correct.  Because if you leave an apple tree in a pot over winter and it is allowed to freeze and thaw all winter long it will die.  But, this winter they will live indoors.

apple1 apple2Ephraim got to this plant.  I think it is going to be okay though.  Now if I could figure out what is eating holes in the leaves.

apple9 apple3 apple4 apple6 apple5 apple8

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